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                                                         We appreciate your interest in DOGIPOT dog waste removal systems.

      We all know that community rules and regulations include cleaning up dog accidents and using designated dog walk areas. Enforcement of these rules
has been difficult due to lack of an adequate “tool” to pick up after dogs. By installing the DOGIPOT system it will not only be easier to enforce the rules;
but you are also providing a tool (the DOGIPOT litter bag) to clean up the unpleasant dog accidents. Remember, designated dog walks are not the solution
to the problem.

      DOGIPOT will definitely be the solution. It has been successful in many states in America for over 10 years, because it’s the most economical dog
waste system on the market. The procedure is simple: Place DOGIPOT Containers or DOGIPOT Pet Stations or DOGIPOT “Junior” Bag Dispensers at
locations which will receive maximum usage. Instructions how to use DOGIPOT are posted on top of the Bag Dispenser to keep the system self-explanatory.
We want your communities / parks to participate in the DOGIPOT concept, and we want to give dog owners a chance and a “tool” to clean up after their

      Many public parks and residential communities in America are or will soon be equipped with the DOGIPOT system. Why not your parks / communities?

                                   Here is why we have found DOGIPOT to be the BEST choice compared to the competition

* DOGIPOT is researching and developing new products to improve the consumer experience and reduce environmental impact.

* DOGIPOT has been already been successfully applied at thousands of public and private locations all over the USA.

* DOGIPOT large capacity dispensers and receptacles can be serviced less often.

* DOGIPOT is the oldest and most experienced company in the United States.

* DOGIPOT is organized, efficient continually improving quality of products.

* DOGIPOT products are in stock and are usually shipped next day.

* DOGIPOT offers sturdy and durable product design.

* DOGIPOT has the largest variety of systems.

* DOGIPOT is committed to customer service.                    
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